The world's first ever reusable e-Paper visitor badge.
No battery ~ No consumables ~ No waste

SLIMPASS BADGING SYSTEM is a revolutionnary product especially designed for reception desks of small and large companies. It helps you ensure strict registration processes for every single in/out guest, and enforces regulatory and security rules for your external visitors.

Including an e-Paper display and an NFC/RFID chip, your receptionist can register any entering visitor quickly and easily, in a matter of seconds. Rewritable and reusable without moderation, it simply replaces your disposable plastic badges, their dedicated printers and their "ecocide" related consumables. Fully compatible with Mifare ISO-14443 standard, SLIMPASS BADGING SYSTEM may be used in pair with most major access control solutions.

Techinnov' 2015 funding convention laureate.

Slimpass Visitor Badging System has been nominated Laureate of the annual financing convention held in Paris in March 2015. This award rewards significant innovation projects carried-out by french companies in bio-terchnologies, electronics and research.

Official launch - Onboard 2016' CeBIT Hannover

The official launch of our Slimpass Visitor Badging System will be held on 2016' CeBIT edition in Germany (March 14-18). Our team will welcome you onboard and provide you with non-stop demos of our revolutionnary badge system.

  1. Revolutionnary...
  2. The badge
  3. The dock station
  4. The software


NFC/RFID, no contact, no battery
The Slimpass badge system includes an e-Paper 2,7" N&W hi-res display. Its Mifare compliant RFID chip provides utmost and native compatibilty with most major access control systems. It requires no battery to operate, the energy required to update the display being provided by the dock station when updating.
The Slimpass badge may be customized with your own high-resolution logo upon ordering through our website. We use special polymer inks providing exceptionnal resistance to UV, scratches and water and liquid compounds
Small, light and resistant
The Slimpass badge is made of a special ABS resistant to shocks and impacts . It weighs no more than 50g and can easily handle impacts from the height of a table, and tolerate liquid spills while not waterproof.
dock station
USB Dock station
Our USB dock station is connected to your receptionnist's PC through a simple USB cable. This base station enables easy and fast update of any Slimpass badges.
Easy registration
The registration process is handled through our dedicated SlimpassVision software. Just drop the badge over the dockstation for a few seconds, and the display is automatically updated with the name, the company, and any other details related to your visitor.
Slimpass Vision
Un logiciel très complet
Le logiciel SlimpassVision vous permet de maintenir un registre des entrées/sorties de votre entreprise, avec historisation et sauvegarde de périodes illimitées. Outres ses fonctionnalités dédiées à la gestion de vos visiteurs, SlimpassVision vous permet également de progammer vos badges Slimpass.
Adaptable à vos contraintes
Le logiciel SlimpassVision sait s'adapter à vos contraintes. Quelles que soient les données que vous souhaitez reccueillir lors de l'enregistrement de vos visiteurs, le formulaire de saisie est 100% paramétrable, de même que les informations affichées à l'écran du badge.
Extrêmement simple d'usage
Il ne faut pas plus de 15 minutes entre le déballage d'un système Slimpass complet et sa première mise en route. Notre service d'assistance dédié vous accompagne par téléphone ou e-mail selon votre besoin et votre localisation géographique.

Full color customization

You want to get full color logo customization for your badges? No problem... Our webshop lets you customize your orders with your very own personal logo. Printed in high resolution with special polymer inks, it is scratch, UV and water resistant.

RFID Access control

You'd like to get full control on your premises? Fully compatible with the Mifare / ISO14443 standard, SLIMPASS Badging System may be used in most major access control environments.

Less than 2 years ROI

Fed up paying all time spares and consumables? With a 100 visits per day ratio, a 24 badges Slimpass kit is paid back in less than 2 years.

Environment friendly

Slimpass follows european standards for electronic devices. Our system is fully RoHS compliant and replaces printers, parts and consumables you'll almost definitely forget.

Affectionately nicknamed "1001-ideas-an-hour-chap" , Marc is the inventor of Slimpass. Backed with his team and more than 15 years spent on interactive products (healthcare & pharmaceutical, luxury customer service ), he has actively contributed to the product design and specifications.


Xavier holds a high-level experience in database and software development. Alias "Impossible-Mission-Force" for his capacity to synthetize extremely complex algorithms and processes, he has contributed to the full SlimpassVision software. Infinitely modest. Infinitely precious...


Be it futuristic or innovative, the success of a product holds down to very simple promises. By far the most important one being the Quality of Service. With more than 10 years in technical helpline and documentation, Franck (nicknamed "Elephant-Brain" for his huge and long-term memory) takes in charge our user manual and leads the ergonomy supervision of our softwares.


With a persistent and headstrong disposition, Sébastien (nicknamed "Monsieur-Bonjour-Bonjour" for his much enjoyable morning mood) has carried-out the electronics & embedded works around the badge. Passionate with miniaturized electronics, Sébastien has taken care of our R&D inhouse lab. He holds an engineering degree from ESME-SUDRIA Paris

Sébastien VIDEAU

François joined our team since 3 months. He already holds the charming nickname of "ZoomFactor" for his efforts on the badge miniaturization. His task: push back as far as possible the dimension integration of our badge systems. François holds a "DUT en Génie Electrique et Industrielle " from IUT of Cachan


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